“Expectations – a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.”
For seven and a half years, the Union have been an average to mediocre team. Yet every March through May, we think they’ll win the MLS cup, then reality hits.

For the last seven years we have expected the Union to make the playoffs and contend, except they have two playoff appearances during that time and are one and done during those playoff appearances.

Only once in seven years, have the Union won more games than they lost during the season, yet we always feel that this is the year everything turns around.

In seven years the Union have 72 wins, and 96 loses, yet, this year will be different we say, until reality hits.

Every year the Union bring in new players, players that will finally make the Union winners. Ruiz, Barnetta, Bedoya, Adu, Edu… the list is long, yet we get the same results.

At some point we need to come to terms with the fact that this is your Philadelphia Union – a team that won’t spend enough money to be relevant and won’t spend the money to bring a bonafide head coach We must settle for novices and wannabe’s as our leaders.

The Union will not change who they are, so the change has to come within us, a friend of mine once told me that “The root of disappointment comes from holding expectations”.

Maybe my friend Jeffrey Mitchell has the secret to happiness. He told me, “I was born into Philly Sports. I don’t expect shit.. The Union gave me a soccer team which was always my passion. I don’t begrudge people who demand competency or winning, but that’s secondary to me. I get to stand and sing with my wife and kid every week. I’m in Heaven.”

I would like to feel like I’m in heaven at Talen Energy Stadium. Sigh, maybe I need to make that change…..

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