Corben Bone played just two games for the Union back in 2014 but one of them was infamous. Bone ran onto the field and almost immediately received a red card for a poor challenge against Sporting Kansas City. We love you for that Bone! Bone is now at FC Cincinnati, playing in his second season in the USL.

What was your first thought when you heard you were coming to play for the Union?

I was extremely happy to join the club and continue my career in Philadelphia.

Do you still have friends on the team?

I still have a few friends on the team. I also still keep in touch with the guys that I played with but are no longer on the team either.

How do you feel about the SOB’s?

They are a well known supporter group and do a great job supporting the club.

What’s your fondest memory of your time in Philadelphia?

I loved the city – always something to do and learn.

Who was the biggest prankster on the Union?

When I was there, Maurice Edu.

How often do you make it back to Philly?

I haven’t been back to Philly since I left, sadly.

How’s a guy from Texas adjusting to Ohio life?

I am adjusting well. I really like Cincinnati and plan to spend plenty of time here.

Is there anything you would like to say to the Union fans?

I just want to thank them for their support and resilience.

This is your second year playing for FC Cincinnati, What do you like the most about it?

I love the fans. They are the reason people love coming to Cincinnati and playing. My teammates are also a big part of my love for FC Cincinnati.

Here’s a look at that classic red card.

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