Lets step away from soccer for a brief moment (I promise we’ll be right back). The year is 2012. The Philadelphia 76ers have just made the playoffs as the 8th seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Well into the Era of Big Threes in NBA history, the Sixers had no real star man. Their star: Andre Iguodala. Iguodala was an elite defender and that was his go to. Anything else wasn’t at a star-like capacity. He was not a Steph Curry-esque shooter and he wasn’t creating offense like Lebron James. He was a star, but not THE star. The Sixers progressed well behind some serious hustle and serious luck.

Flash forward (and change sports) and the Philadelphia Union have struggled this season needless to say. Their star: Alejandro Bedoya. If you had to define Bedoya’s biggest trait…could you? Alejandro Bedoya has been a profesional soccer player since 2009, when he made his debut for Orebo SK, since then he has played a total of 202 games for overseas clubs such as Rangers, Helsingborgs IF, FC Nantes and now the Philadelphia Union. In those games he has scored a total of 27 goals, that’s an average of a goal every 7.5 games, needless to say, scoring is not his forte.

Same could be said about assists, those stats are harder to come by, but a creator he’s not. After seeing him play for the first seven games of this season, I think we can all agree on that.

Where does that leave Ale? I think he can be described as a high energy guy, he covers a lot of ground and is always willing to make the extra effort, in other words, a nice compliment to a good team. Bedoya doesn’t possess Ilsinho type skills, or Fafa type speed or, really anything that makes him stand out, all he has going for himself is hustle, effort and team-first mentality. He’s got a great captain’s mentality.

Having said that, there’s a lot of talk about how he has been a bust, and how he needs to be benched. I think this is ridiculous chatter. Bedoya has given this team everything he could. He played out of position for seven games without complaint and he has given 100% tireless effort in every single game. He has acted like a leader off and on the field.

So what can you expect nay-sayers? Is there room to say he’s overpaid? Absolutely, but don’t look at him for that. Just because he’s making a cool million doesn’t mean he’s suddenly above following the coaches instructions. Look at Bedoya’s history. Nothing suggests he’s the game changing, team-carrying player we’re hoping for. He’s the leader who rallies the team with endless hustle and makes the right decisions. He’s the steadying hand, not the risky creator.

Please, educate yourself before you start criticizing players.

4 thoughts on “Is the criticism of Bedoya fair?

  1. He’s the steadying hand on a team that has won three games since his arrival-
    Yet he’s free from criticism cause he hustles?


    1. Coaching is the number one problem on this team, bringing the wrong players for the current system is number two. Singling him out because he’s the captain and blaming him for the Union problems just because he happens to be the highest paid player and is not meeting unrealistic expectations is what I have a problem with. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to leave a comment.



  2. Absolutely not! He is used wrong. He should be in a preferred position to be at his best. Team should be built around him. He gives his all for this team. But in typical feckless Union fashion the don’t get the proven DP Striker, #10, LB, CB, ball winning DM. This has to change. NOW! Sugarman spends money but the management should be charged with fraud. From Sakiewicz to Stewart this team is a failure. No one could have foreseen Edu becoming the Union’s Chris Pronger. But the horrible scouting and poor signings and contracts are need to stop! This city deserves star power and Money Ball is total BS and not trending in MLS! Earnie Stewart better get it right during the summer transfer. Drop the bad contracts and bring in proven difference makers, not reclamation projects!


  3. Again JC is right on point, not only that he makes sense, but also tries to educate the newbies to the Beautiful Game.
    A Midfielder like Bedoya’s job is not to score goals, he is to play both sides of the ball, contain the offense, disrupt the attack, and look for the opportunities to build the attack, his job is to HELP in the midfield, unfortunately he doesn’t have the support he needs to perform his job.
    JC has shared the statistics on Bedoya as a player overseas, his goal production is at par with his position, Earnie needs to find the support for Bedoya, if they can not afford to bring new players, the coaches MUST develop a system that is going to build a stronger midfield, where all plays start to build, the kick and run philosophy is good for the youth clubs, High School and American College coaches use that style of play because they have players with little skill, and that is why we see with the UNION, the team statistics about possession and pass accuracy is bellow par.
    For Bedoya to be more effective the coaches must provide, again, the support to enhance his talents.

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