For ten years the Sons of Ben have been a loyal and loud group of supporters. I’ve always admired and appreciated their devoted loyalty and support.

Some might say it was blind loyalty, but isn’t that what fanatics do? Regardless of the result, you must be loyal to the team. Support the players in good times and bad. In 2010 and in the early years the results didn’t matter and it was fun to be loyal and loud.

But as the years wear on and the losing continues, the more I’ve realized that the support mostly came from a naive and ignorant young fan base. By “young” I mean new to soccer, and by “ignorant” I mean a fan base that blindly supports.

For years I’ve called this the dumbest fan base in MLS. I realize that not every fan is dumb and I have made a lot of friends in this fan base who are very soccer knowledgeable, but for heaven’s sake for every one savvy fan, you get thirty dumb fans who just show up to get drunk, watch the EPL and think they know it all.

Now some credit should be given. The fan base seems to FINALLY be moving in the correct direction. There are many rumblings in regards to Curtin. Changes need to be made to right this ship. The fan base sees this now after years of unwavering support.

What drives me crazy is that those who are negative towards the team get labeled as bad fans. What? Are you kidding? There is nothing more ridiculous than this notion. I think this criticism comes from the early years where cheering the team on was all that mattered. But the team sucks and being at the stadium sucks right now. Don’t be so stupid to suggest that we should be happy and singing for the team’s glory when they are willingly putting out a product that sucks.

STOP YOUR STUPID BLIND SUPPORTING, grow up as a fan base. Voicing your discontent does not make you “bad fans” it makes you smart fans that recognize a shit show when you see it. Stop showing up, stop buying merchandise, and show them that mediocrity is not something you are okay with. Grow the F up, the days of just being happy to have a club are long gone!

One thought on “They Were the Best of Times, They Are the Worst of Times

  1. It is time to make changes, I agree with JC, many things have happened that has made the team a big disappointment to all fans, whether you know the game or not when you become a fan you expected to be the fan of a winning team. Since the end of last season we have a bitter taste from the results on the field, the ownership should ask themselves, are we making an effort to deliver a product that is interesting and attractive to the fan base? if you are not asking that question to the people that you have entrusted the everyday running of your franchise you are going to start loosing your investment. Marketing 101 tells us that unless we make our product attractive and exciting we will loose market share and eventually close operations.
    I hope the UNION is evaluating all possibilities to change the way they operate, I know it is not easy to just change the GM and the Coach, something that we fans don’t understand, or choose not to understand, we are blinded by the fact that we want to be a part of something bigger than us, that is being part of a WINNING TEAM, the UNION has demonstrated that it is OK to be mediocre and have a cavalier attitude on press conferences and get comments such as ” a bounce here or there” will change the game, winners make their own brakes, winners find inspiration on small things, winners have pride.
    It is apparent that the UNION has a group of players that are too comfortable, they are getting a pay check whether they win or loose, none of us fans have that luxury, if we don’t perform in our jobs we are out, get suspended without pay, and eventually we are sacked, time to make changes that are meaningful, not just change the line up, seat the “STARS” use your practice squad, the results can not be worse that we have had until now.
    I hope the UNION takes the fan base seriously and reads the many FB posts, I can see about 98% negative comments, if you use Social Media to measure the pulse of the product, you are in the deep end of the pool.

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