The world doesn’t need another soccer blog, especially one about a below average MLS side. Nevertheless, here it is because blogging is so darned easy and a bunch of us fans love to write about soccer and the Union and everything in between. We’ve all written about the Philadelphia Union many times and we want to share our opinions with fans and enhance the experience of rooting for the fifth (or sixth? Seventh? Ugh.) most adored team in the area.

So what can you expect from us? First and foremost, you will get an unfiltered take on how the Philadelphia Union could do better, both on the pitch and off. When they win we will sing. When they lose we will complain. When they are at the top of the table we will talk trash. When they are at the bottom of the table we will discuss what needs to be done to get back to the top.

What shouldn’t you expect from us? Any form of consistency. While we will strive to provide quality analysis we’re not holding ourselves to schedules. If we react to a game, great. If we don’t, that’s OK too. We can only write when the muse calls, and never more. You will also never get news or rumors without a reaction or an analysis of what it means. So it won’t be timely, if it’s covered at all. The bottom line is a topic has to matter to the Philadelphia Union and to their fans for us to add our opinion to the mix. This blog is truly a blog from the stands.

I think we’ve said enough. You get the gist. Talk to you soon.

– The Union Deux Staff

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